We seek to instill in the next generation the necessary life skills and practical knowledge that will help them to lead successful lives in the 21st century. We provide a venue for students to pursue their passions by empowering them through group skills training and business thought processes that are not taught in a traditional school setting.

At The Merge Foundation, our passion is to enable youth to obtain the life skills, guild-specific training and the self-confidence needed to participate in the global community as motivated, qualified and passionate contributors to society.



We mentor youth through skill-focused “guilds. ”   This is a concept Medieval in origin, but known well to the “gaming” generation.  Our guild partners are leaders and experts in their chosen fields. They help actualize the participants’ passions through helping them establish career paths and relationships with potential employers, some of whom are guild partners.



At The Merge Foundation, we work hard to bring together experienced adults to teach and mentor young adults to succeed at following their passions be it art, film-making, investments, business, etc. 

We provide the necessary guidelines and measurements to ensure that the youth are progressing from apprentice to master status in their chosen field.