Open Security Exchange Guild

The Merge Foundation creates the guidelines for guilds to provide sponsorship and mentorship to youth to create their own project or business canvas to learn every aspect of the trade that they are passionate about.  We encourage youth to grow from apprentices to masters in their trade. The following guild partners are available to our youth.

Established Guilds

The Investment Guild is led by Jason Meil of Janney Funds. Jason is an accomplished investor who practices a risk-based investment methodology. He teaches his methodologies to adults who have the choice to become delivery partners of The Merge Foundation to impart their knowledge and become mentors to the youth who are involved with the Merge Investment Clubs. 


Merge Investment Clubs for teens and adults are planned for the near future.

The Film Production Guild is led by John Beavers who got his film training at Maine Media Workshops. His passion for script writing started as an alternative to writing software. He has written several movie scripts with creative storylines. He is currently teaching a group of kids and adults to follow their passions in film making through community film projects.


The latest film project is Fair Play (See More). "Film through Histories" is planned for the near future. 

The Entrepreneurship Guild is led by Juanita Koilpillai who is a passionate entrepreneur herself. She helps startups with strategy and initial setup. She has successfully started and sold a cybe security company. She loves to figure out ways to present business concepts to the teenage mind. She currently supports several social entreneurship projects led by teens within the community.


The Open Security Exchange Guild is led by Ron Martin of the Open Security Exchange (OSE) to encourge and establish the discipline of the convergence of physical and cyber security. The first project encouraged by the guild is the Identity, Credential and Access Management Lab.

Entrepreneurship Guild