The Investment Guild



The Guild Master, Jason Meil, has developed guidelines and methods to encourage students to learn about investing. 


This guild is designed to educate and guide students interested in the field of finance and economics, specifically as it relates to investment management and financial risk management.   This course takes a three pronged approach.  It has descriptive, theoretical, and practical components.  It is not enough to merely learn about this material.  One has to experience working with it in a practical manner.  A secondary goal of this guild is to encourage our members to identify their own financial objective and develop means to satisfy those objectives.


The descriptive arm of the guild program is dedicated to the learning of economics, capital markets, and financial and risk management.  The orientation of the course is very pragmatic with a linear methodology.  Each part of the guild program builds on itself. 


The theoretical arms of the guild program are designed to explore mathematical models as well as economic, econometric, financial, and risk management axioms and theories.  There will be a great emphasis on statistics, probability, and financial mathematics.


The practical arm of the guild program is designed to merge the descriptive and theoretical components and allow the guild members to work in the real world with these esoteric capital market instruments. 


The final guild project involves developing an investment policy statement and successfully executing an investment strategy.  


The guild program is further broken down into four levels of skill, Apprentice, Journeyman, Leader, and Alumni.