Ye Olde LARP (Live Action Role Play) was an initiative to create an immersive environment for all players involved in a complete and detailed world. The goal of the project was to enable players to completely escape into a fantasy medieval universe. Once a process was been developed, local or online events were to be held where players would pay to participate. This project was partly completed and may get restarted in the near future pending participation by teens.

This project aimed to keep our politicians honest by getting involved in local politics and show how it can be done.

The project goal was to get Delgaudio (D) out of office. Project plans included a recall vote or impeachment to enable a vote out or resignation. local media coverage for planned protests and research on beliefs and behavior that do not reflect his constituency are planned for this project.


We are happy to say that through a series of events in the community and those pursued by the teems have ousted Delgaudio out of office.

A mobile art therapy team that travels to hospitals and special needs schools with materials required to produce artwork that
would then be sold online. The money raised from this was
distributed amongst the participating institutions. 

The project aimed to encourage connection with peers through art because the psychological benefits of self-expression and connection increased mental and emotional stability.

Past Projects


The Merge Foundation has supported the following projects in the past. We are thankful for all the support the youth have received to help them perform successfully in their projects.

Oust Delgaudio

Ye Olde LARP

Outside Art