These projects are currently in early stages of development and do not have newsletters, brochures or similar documents, even though they plan to have these in the coming months. Students plan to communicate with their potential audience and other interested parties primarily through their websites.

Youth-led Projects

The Identity, Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM) Laboratory aims to create and establish a practical way for students to learn about this construct.

Through The Merge Foundation’s Guild program, the Open Security Exchange Guild will offer students and affiliates opportunities to engage in the convergence of Information Technology and Physical Security.  The Guild will guide and mentor leading-edge research, education, standards and guideline advocacy. Support for this guild will be achieved through financial contributions from individuals, companies and organizations with an interest in the evolution of convergence within the security industry.  


The Merge Foundation supported students and affiliates will be able to participate in the defining solutions for convergence with other thought leaders in the industry.  For additional information see the Open Security Exchange Guild.

This Community Film Project (Click here for more) has created a 90 minute dramatic film. The script, artwork, acting and music creations are led by teenagers under the direction of Jack Beavers. The project is currently being edited. 


The project goal is to enter Fair Play into film festivals, to Netflix, and/or straight to DVD and YouTube.

Fair Play